A Journey

I’m on a journey to make more. I spend a fair amount of time pursuing Pinterest, Instagram, various blogs, and the rest of the internet at large.  There are so many great makers and creators out there!  I often see a great finished project, and immediately think “I want to make that!”  My lists of patterns, quilts, sewing techniques, new fabrics, etc that I’d like to try out is continuously growing.  It’s great to be so inspired by all the amazing things out there, but one can get carried away!  So, I decided I needed a goal, and a place to document all the things I make.

My goal is to make more of my own clothes, and learn new skills along the way. I want to challenge myself, but not stress myself out.  I want this journey to be fun and inspiring, and I don’t want to rush to finish things just because of an arbitrary deadline I have set up.  So, I will do my best to make new things and blog about them as I go.

I’m not an expert seamstress, nor am I bursting with unique ideas.  I just like to sew, and I want to grow my hand made wardrobe.  I’m excited to document that process here.  I also like to quilt and knit, so I won’t always be making clothes.  Maybe you will join me along the way!

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