Toaster 2 

Oh Toaster, come back! (Has everyone seen The Brave Little Toaster, or is that just me? No? You should totally see it then.  Toaster, vacuum, lamp and some other appliances set off into the wilderness.  I mean who has ever heard of a more thrilling plot!)

Ok, I digress. Seriously, I do love this Toaster Sweater 2 by Sew House Seven.  Whenever I take it off, I want it to come back, so I can wear it again.


The neckline is a perfect combination of a mock turtleneck and boat neckline. It warm and stylish, but not tight, for those of us who don’t always enjoy a true turtleneck.


The split hem is also the bomb.  I love the finishing technique, and plan to make everything with a split hem from here on out.  Well, maybe not EVERYTHING.


I bought the paper pattern (yay, no taping!) from Imagine Gnats shop at the end of last year. I was originally only planning on making Toaster 2, but after seeing a bunch of Toaster 1’s at my Ginger Jeans workshop last weekend, I’m feeling the pull to make one as well!

I also bought my awesome fabric from Imagine Gnats. It’s a nice thick textured knit, and was perfect for this pattern.


I am already planning another Toaster 2 in a lighter weight fabric and I’m planning on adding a few inches to the length to make a tunic version to wear with leggings, so I can finish out this super mild winter in the perfect intersection of style and comfort.  This project kicked of the #SewMyStyle project sponsored by Bluebird Fabrics.  This is a fun project to get people into sewing their own wardrobes.  There is a pattern to sew along to each month, and while I won’t be doing every exact pattern, I will be participating in my own way all year.

{This is a slightly modified version of my original post on this sweater, that was apparently eaten by my blog.  I’m not really even sure what happened, but I’ve done my best to recreate it and populate it with some what decent pictures of my Toaster!}

Pattern: Toaster Sweater 2 by Sew House 7
Fabric: Textured Knit from Imagine Gnats
Size: Small

2 thoughts on “Toaster 2 

  1. Love this! I’ve got a green French terry toaster #2 all cut out and ready – maybe today will be its day!

    I didn’t know you had a blog – fun!


    1. Thanks Kalle! Can’t wait to see your toaster. I’m sure it will be snugly, yet stylish, as always! And yes, welcome to my long neglected blog! Thanks for stopping by!


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