#2017MakeMine Progress

Well, somehow it’s February.  Seriously, how do the days just disappear? I don’t quite understand it.

To keep myself on track, and from sewing myself into a rabbit hole titled “how has another year gone by and I still haven’t made an Archer?” I’m going to post progress updates on my #2017makenine goals.  Was that a run on sentence? I think it was.

So, as of this second week in February, I have complete 2 of my goals!

  1. This Bento Tee with side zips. (yay!)
  2. Ginger Jeans (double yay!)


I have also sewn a slew of other tops that I may or may not blog about.  I made a Lark Tee, Toaster Sweater #1, Linden Raglan, and another Lane Raglan.  None of these tops are super exciting, however, they do fill the “I really need some more comfy gray raglans” space in my wardrobe.  Ok, so it turns out that wasn’t really a hole I had in my wardrobe.  Oops.

Which brings me back to my #makenine goals.  I have one other sweatshirt, the Blueprints Geodesic, on this list, but other than that, the list is filled with more put together casual basics.  This is actually where I struggle with clothes.  Lets face it, I find it challenging to put on real clothes.  I am a part time preschool teacher and full time mom.  I do all the glamorous mom things including laundry, groceries and toilet scrubbing by day.  Then at work, I do all the glamorous preschool teacher things involving various pant and glue mediums, all the playdoh, and multiple lessons on proper nose wiping techniques.  I know, you’re super jealous.  At any rate, I have little need to be fancy.  So, casual basics, that still look put together, is where it’s at for me.  However, I have a tendency to pick and then sew easy or fast projects.  List be damned!  No more I say, Archer Button down, I’m coming for you!

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