The Zadie Dress and some thoughts on style 

Recently I’ve had a series of ridiculous events, resulting in my falling down. Outside. Like a toddler. Seriously. Last week I was finishing up a quick 4 mile run with a friend, where I proceeded to fall down at mile 3.99. Seriously, arms spread, knee scraping, chin banging fall. I had already fallen down two weeks ago, and proceeded to rebrusie and scrape the same knee, and added my chin in for good measure. This is all a long drawn out way of me explaining that I needed some fabric retail therapy!  So, I got up (showered and bandaided myself) and went to my favorite local fabric store, Stitch Sew Shop. There I proceeded to buy everything I saw (shhh, don’t tell!) including the new Zadie dress pattern and some super soft light weight French terry to make it in.

This was my first time sewing a Tilly pattern. The packaging is very cute, and the patterns are printed on thick paper, more like what you would photocopy on than regular pattern tissue. I actually really like this, because I’m a complete nut and trace all my patterns, and find this style easier to trace than tissue.


I made a toile (is that just a British word, or can I use it? Sounds much jauntier than muslin) as I wasn’t sure how it would fit.  I’m glad I did, not because I needed to make any changes, but it was good practice before putting the actual dress together.

It fit really well, so I went ahead and cut into my Terry. Um you guys, if you can go to Stitch and buy this FrenchTerry, do it. Well, don’t, because I want all of it.  It is so soft! It washed up beautifully, and was a dream to cut and sew. However, in the end, it might be slightly too heavy for this pattern? I’m not actually sure, because it has such a nice drape, maybe it’s fine.  I’m still learning how to best pair fabric and patterns, it’s a process.


So, I found the construction of this dress relatively easy. It’s definelty got more going on than a shift dress, but really not overly complicated. Tilly uses photos to guide you through each step, and it really was easy to follow along.


I think it turned out exactly how it was supposed to. It’s also pretty cute and comfy, and let’s not forget those pockets!! I seriously love these pockets! They style lines are very eye grabbing.  The back piecing mirrors the front.


The only thing is, I’m not sure it’s me? My husband said I look a bit like a Union soldier (ok, he actually said it looked a little KellyAnn Conway on Innaguration day.  Don’t worry, he’s making his own dinner for the rest of the year. I mean his life.) Another friend told me it was a little Alice in Woderland. This is all not meant to be a knock on the pattern at all!  I am just not sure that I made a good color/fabric combo choice. And more importantly, I’m not sure it’s my style. This is the trickier part of sewing for me, because I don’t really have a style. Or, more to the point, I don’t know my style well enough to know it’s not me until I’ve tried it. I’m like oh, shiny! Oh, shiny!!! Every time I see something, but have really got to start slowing down and work on figuring out what my style is.


I was never really into fashion growing up, and am still trying to figure out what I like.  I’m too old for that Bro.  Just kidding, it’s a process, I’ll get there.  Also, for your amusement, this was the first time I tried to take pictures of myself using a tripod and camera remote.  Lots of people walking their dogs were very curious about what I was doing.  And of the 2,374 pictures I took 2,368 of them looked like this:


You’re welcome.

Pattern: Tilly and the Buttons Zadie Dress
Size: 2
Fabric: Bamboo French Terry from Stitch Sew Shop

4 thoughts on “The Zadie Dress and some thoughts on style 

    1. Thanks Caitlin! I love that dress, I think a solid may have been the way to go, instead of the color blocking. There can always be another!


  1. That french terry from Stitch is to die for – I can’t stop myself from buying all the french terry whenever I’m in there! Your Zadie looks great – and that picture at the end had me laughing out loud! I finished up my Zadie last night – I wish I would have made a muslin, so I think mine is going to be a wearable muslin.


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