Lou Box Top + Rumi Pullover= Perfection

Ok, maybe perfection is going a step too far.  Or maybe not.  I love this top! It is my new favorite top and I’m so glad I made it!LouBoxTop+Rumi-2
I recently went on a Lou Box Top rampage, and counting this mashup, I’ve made four in the last month.  Seriously.  This top sews up so quickly, and is so easy to wear.  I can’t stop making them!  However, there does come a point where you may end up with too many of the same shirts, so I decided to mix things up a bit for this last one.  I really love the Rumi Pullover by Cali Faye Collection, that I made this past fall.  I actually completely copied the one from her pattern photos because I loved it so much (as you can see here in my Instagram.)  I thought that the two patterns would look great together, so I went ahead and mashed them up.  I didn’t really do anything too fancy to do this. I basically just copied the shoulder/arm curve portion of the Rumi and used those with the body of the Lou Box Top.  They are both loose fitting patterns, and I think the slimmer cuffed sleeve plays well with the flare of the top.  That and I’m obsessed with the curved split hem of the Box Top and want to put it on everything.
The other fun thing I did with this top was add a little decorative bar tack.  I recently read Liesl’s post from Oliver & S about adding a machine bar tack to your makes, and couldn’t get the idea out of my head.  I just had to try it!  It turned out pretty well.  I think the tack is a tad small for the scale of the shirt.  However, this was as wide as I could make it on my machine.  Now I want to go around sewing contrast color bar tacks on everything.  I’m also excited to add the Liesl & Co Classic Shirt to my growing stash of button down shirts.  I do actually make things other than boxy pull on tops, I just haven’t managed to take any pictures of them yet.
LouBoxTop+Rumi-5Side note, it was a beautiful spring day, but I was still cold, and I have scaly goose bumps all over my arms.  Either that, or I’m turning into an old crocodile.LouBoxTop+Rumi-4Fabric is this super fun Speckled Jersey from the always awesome Stitch Sew Shop, that I bought last year.  Yay for using hoarded stashed fabric!LouBoxTop+Rumi-3
I’m not sure what’s happening in this picture. Is the fence crooked or is it me? I can’t tell. 

I’m going to seriously try to photograph more of my makes.  Not because they are all mind blowingly awesome.  Well, maybe they are!  I just often spend hours scouring the interwebs looking for photos and reviews of patterns I want to make.  I find it super helpful to see everything on all different bodies, fabrics and styling.  So, I’m going to make a serious effort to get more photos and posts up,  I might even shower first next time.   (But I can’t promise anything).

Pattern: Lou Box Top by Sew DIY and Rumi Pullover by Cali Faye Collection
Size: XXS in the Lou, mixed with the S in the Rumi
Fabric: Speckled Jersey from Stitch (it might be this Speckle Cotton Jersey from Robert Kaufman)

4 thoughts on “Lou Box Top + Rumi Pullover= Perfection

    1. Thank you so much! For split hems I always finish the raw edges with my serger before piecing together (although you don’t need to with knits) And then I just iron and pin like crazy! For this one I actually used Knit and Stable fusible tape, and it made the hemming much easier. However, after a few washes the hem has a tendency to curl up, so I don’t think I’ll use it on future light weight knits. Hope that helps some!


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