Womens Waterfall Raglan

Waterfall Raglan-5

The Waterfall Raglan by Chalk and Notch has been out for a while now.  I finally got around to making it earlier this spring, and then just coerced convinced my family to grab a few pictures for me.  This pattern has been all over the sewing community, and there are so many great variations out there!

Waterfall Raglan-2

I sewed the childrens version up for my daughter in January, and was really impressed with the PDF pattern.  The instructions are very detailed, and very professionally put together.  So, I bought the women’s version as soon as it was available.  Then I sat on the pattern for a while.  As much as I loved all the versions I had seen, I wasn’t sure the ruffle was for me.  I’m on the smaller side, and despite the growing number of wrinkles on my face, I fear looking too child like.  So I waffled back and forth, and finally decided on taking the ruffle off the front, but leaving it in the back.  To do this I just overlapped the front ruffle with the front bodice piece and traced off a new version, extending the A line out to the new hemline.

Waterfall Raglan-4

Business in the front, party in the back!  I actually really like the butt ruffle, but (ha!) my husband doesn’t totally agree.   However, he mainly thinks tight workout wear is best, so I’m not sure his opinion can be fully trusted.

Waterfall Raglan-3

I wanted to use this Rayon Jersey that I had bought from Imagine Gnats, but I only had a 1.25 yard remnant.  It was a very tight squeeze to get all the pieces cut out.  I made the 3/4 length sleeves, mainly because thats all I could eek out of the fabric! Despite the darker color, I think it’s perfect for spring.  I love this fabric for this pattern.  So soft and light, with lots of drape.  I also found it surprisingly easy to work with.  I was even able to get my double needle to cooperate, so I have a nice hem too.

Waterfall Raglan-1

I love that this pattern is so versatile.  It’s cute and casual with leggings, and the length provides enough “coverage” for this old lady.  However, it could easily be dressed up for date night.  Not that I do much of that, but the possibility is there!  What do you think, is this pattern “adult” enough? How do you feel about ruffles?

Pattern: Women’s Waterfall Raglan by Chalk and Notch
Size: Size 2
Fabric: Rayon Jersey from Imagine Gnats

One thought on “Womens Waterfall Raglan

  1. I loves this! The back only ruffle was such a good idea – it looks super cute. Pictures turned out great too!


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