Mini Ogden Cami, a Belated Birthday Dress for my Girl

I was late with all the birthday gifts this year.  Seriously late!  It was however a big birthday year for my girl.  She turned 10! I honestly can not believe that we are now into the double digits.  She is excited about it, but I can’t stop watching old baby videos and poring over pictures that seem like we just took yesterday.  It’s true, the days are long, but the years are short.  So, to mark this milestone birthday, my girl asked for a purse.  I made her the smaller size of the new Noodlehead Traverse Bag, in Maker Maker fabric she picked out.  TraverseBag-1

I also decided to finally make her a Mini Ogden Cami by True Bias.  I’ve had the pattern traced and ready to put together for ages, but just finally got around to sewing it up.  She picked out this floral rayon from the remnants bin at Joanns.  Once I saw how little fabric the pattern uses, I decided to make it into a dress, to use up the whole piece of fabric!  I think it was just over 1 yard, but I’m not entirely sure.  MiniOgdenCami-4MiniOgdenCami-5

I decided to cut the top front and back pieces at the lengthen/shorten line.  Then I cut the rest of the fabric into a big rectangle.   I just gathered the bottom piece to make a skirt, and attached it after finishing the top portion.  I used a split hem, with the split centered at the back, to allow for movement.  It has almost a baby doll or empire waist line.  I know there is a better tutorial for this on the True Bias blog, but I had forgotten about it and just sort of winged it.  Next time I may follow the tutorial for a completely lined dress.  However, this one turned out just fine and she put it on immediately (and even let me snap a few pictures, which she is not usually keen on).MiniOgdenCami-1

I decided to sew the straps on a little closer to the center of the back piece.  I felt that the dress was a little big, and I like the way this pulls up the back slightly, making it just a bit more snug.MiniOgdenCami-3MiniOgdenCami-2

I sewed up the size 8, based on her measurements.  I feel like the sizing is fairly generous, but she is on the smaller side for her age.  It’s good, because we will just be able to get more use out of this pattern!  I’m glad to have finished this before we head out on vacation.  I think this dress will look great blowing around on coastal Maine!MiniOgdenCami-6

Have you sewn up any tops or dresses for young girls lately?

Pattern: Mini Ogden Cami by True Bias, modified to a dress
Size: 8
Fabric: Floral Rayon from Joanns

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