Weekend Wrinkles: Cropped Linen Willow Tank

The best part of being short waisted? Cropping your new Willow Tank by 3″ and still being able to wear your favorite Emerson Crops with it.Cropped Willow Tank-1

I am suddenly into all the cropped top looks I’ve been seeing around the inter webs lately.  However, being only 5’1” (on a tall day) with an extremely short waist, doesn’t really lend itself to the cropped look.  In fact, I can probably pull on crop top and have it look just like a regular length shirt.  However, after making a shirt for my husband with Merchant and Mills linen, I had just enough left to squeeze out a Willow tank, but I had to crop it to make it work.  Which has led me down the path of actually wearing a crop top, and realizing, Hey! I can wear what I want no matter the length of my waist.

After poking around on the Grainline site I came across the Cropped Willow variation from last summer, and the Split Hem variation from earlier this week.  I decided to try both variations, because, why not?

I cropped my version by 3”, and followed the tutorial exactly.  I used the split hem variations as well, and french seams.  The linen was a little bit fiddly here, and the hemline didn’t match up exactly at the side seams.  Although, I don’t think anyone but me will ever notice!Cropped Willow Tank-2

Like I said, I was able to squeeze this cropped variation out of the remaining scraps from  my husbands shirt.  It was somewhere in the ball park of 1/2 yard, but with some odd shaped pieces.  I didn’t have enough self fabric for the bindings, but I love a contrast binding anyway.  I used some of the floral fabric leftover from my Kalle Shirtdress, and I think it’s the perfect match.Cropped Willow Tank-4

This is the second time I’ve made a Willow tank.  I made my first version not too long after it was released last year.  I had to do an SBA and raise the bust dart 1/2” to get the fit right.  These seem to be pretty typical adjustments for me with Grainline patterns.  I wasn’t immediately in love with the style of the tank.  However, it is very comfortable and easy to wear.  I find myself wearing my first version every time it’s clean, so I think adding another to my wardrobe was a good idea.Cropped Willow Tank-5

I plan on adding another high waisted pair of Ginger jeans to my wardrobe (hopefully soon!) which I think will look great with this tank.  Until then, I’m happy to report that I can also pair it with my favorite Emerson Crop pants made last year, without giving anyone a peek of my belly.  I just won’t be able to get anything off the top shelf of the grocery store shelves.  Ok, ok, you’re right, I can’t get anything off the top of the grocery store shelves anyway.Cropped Willow Tank-3

Lastly, I’m excited about the way my newest necklace pulls the whole look together.  It’s from Madre Beads, and is made with eco friendly beads and soft t-shirt yarn (which happens to be from April Rhodes bound line, if I’m identifying it correctly.)  I can even add a drop of two of my favorite essential oils to the natural beads.  Lavender and sweet mint here I come.

Pattern: Grainline Studio Willow Tank
Size: 4, with a SBA and raised bust darts
Fabric: Merchant and Mills Linen, from Stitch Sew Shop


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