The Great Tank Debate Part 1: Adventure Tank vs. Rumi Tank

Side note, before I begin.  I realized after putting the finishing touches on this post that I am not the first person to compare these exact two patterns.  Such is life as a summer worn, scatter brained mom.  I thought of not posting after all, but man, taking all these pictures was annoying, and what am I supposed to do with them now?? So, I’ll just throw my extra two cents out into the blogosphere.  You can also check out Erica’s post, from The Handmade Wardrobe, comparing both tops and how she used them for activewear.  

Ok, I know that summer is winding down for most of us.  We are a little more than halfway through (seriously, my kids still have a whole month of vacation left!) and I’m still deep in my summer sewing list.  I hope I’m not the only one!

Adventure:Rumi Comparison

I’ve been meaning to sew a few more tank tops for casual everyday wear.  I really like the look and feel of racer back tanks.  They are slightly sporty, comfy to wear and easy to layer.  All around, my kind of top.  There are a lot of great patterns out there, and I couldn’t really decide on which one to make, so I made them all!  I thought I’d share a few comparisons of what I learned along the way, in case you were interested.  Or maybe you’re not interested in trying out all the patterns, and just want to make one like a reasonable person.  I’m here to help whatever your needs may be.

Rumi Tank-1

Let’s start with the Rumi Tank by Christine Haynes.  I bought this PDF pattern last summer when it came out, and sewed one up right away.  I used a novelty interlock, and while it is cute for pjs, it’s not really great for anything else.  I decided to sew this one up in a drapey (apparently that’s not a word!) rib knit that I bought through Indie Sew a few months ago.  As the description says, it’s very light weight, and slightly sheer, so I will probably wear it mainly as a layering piece.  Rumi Tank-3

The Fit:  The Rumi is a very traditional fit racerback style.  It is shaped to be slightly fitted at the top, and flare out a tad at the waist.  Overall this is a great look, especially for those of us who don’t like anything tight around the middle.  The neckline turned out to be a little low for me.  I’m not sure if this is just personal preference, but I will be raising it on future versions.Rumi Tank-2

The Rumi Tank also has a dress option included, which is another bonus to this pattern.

The Adventure Tank is another pattern that came out last year.  I actually found this pattern as a class through Craftsy.  I didn’t really need to watch the class, but did skim through it for any new tips and tricks.  It’s always fun to make sure you are doing things correctly, especially when you are mainly self taught.  I really recommend the class for anyone who is nervous about sewing knits.  The Fancy Tiger ladies really walk you through all the steps of sewing the tank, so there is nothing to be confused about!Adventure Tank-2

The Fit:  The Adventure tank is a looser fitting tank.  It has a more boxy cut than the Rumi. I actually think this style looks better on me, because I am sort of a less curvy more boxy shape.  The arm holes are not cut quite as deep as the Rumi, so they come up a bit higher in the back.  Adventure Tank-3

Interestingly enough, I found both these tanks to run kind of short.  I usually need to shorten pieces, not lengthen them, but I think the next time I make either of these tanks I will add an inch or two to the length.Adventure Tank-1

The Adventure Tank came together easily and quickly.  One bonus to this pattern is that the arm and neck bindings were notched, making it easy to stretch the band and line it up properly.  Usually I just divide the bands and openings into quarters to do this, so thanks Fancy Tiger,  for doing the work for me!  There is also a muscle tank included in this pattern which I hope to sew up before summer starts packing up shop.

Whether you are still madly sewing away on your summer lists, thinking about layering pieces for the fall, or just sewing random willy nilly, like I usually do, I hope this post helped you out.  I actually have two more tanks in the pipes, that I hope to do another similar comparison post on next week!

Here’s to some fun weekend sewing, or adventuring!

Pattern: Rumi Tank by Christine Haynes
Size: 4
Fabric: Rib Knit from Indie Sew
Pattern: Adventure Tank by Fancy Tiger Crafts
Size: S
Fabric: Linen Knit from Joanns

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