Emerson Crop Pants; are stripes and florals really a thing?

This is my second pair of Emerson Crop pants.  I wear my first pair all the time, so I finally decided it was time for another pair.  I used a striped print from the Miramar Fabric collection by Workroom Social.  I picked this up at Stitch, my favorite sewing oasis.  The Ogden Cami is also a rayon from the Rifle Paper Line for Cotton and Steel.

Emerson Crop-1

I bought both of these fabrics together, for two different projects I had in mind.  However when we put them on the cutting counter, Kalle, the owner of Stitch, mentioned she kind of liked them together.  Then I just couldn’t get the idea of pairing them out of my head.  So, what do you think Kalle, do you like the look?

Ogden Cami-1

I love sewing my own clothes.  I enjoy the construction process, the fabrics, browsing Instagram to see how everyone has made a certain pattern.  However, as I’ve said before, I know nothing about fashion! I have never been up on all the latest trends, or payed much attention to the industry at all.  I don’t think that’s necessarily the point of sewing your own clothes either.  One of the great things is that you can sew whatever you like, regardless of styles and trends.  The main point is that you like what you’ve made and are comfortable and happy in it, right?

Emerson Crop-2

All that being said, my family was not so sure about this pattern combo.  So, I also took some pictures of the pants paired with a solid Rumi Tank.  (you can read more about my tank comparisons here).  I think this is a much more everyday look for these pants.

Emerson Crop-5

I think that’s enough about style, let’s talk about how awesome these pants are!  Rayon Pants???!! I know, why am I always the last person to try something out? I will admit that I was nervous about using Rayon for pants.  I was wrong.  These are the most comfortable pants ever.  They are cool in the heat, and have amazing movement.  This is my favorite rayon to sew with.  It isn’t shifty or naughty when you are pinning.  It is sturdy and doesn’t bag out when ironed.  And mostly, it feels amazing.  So, if you’ve been on the fence about sewing up pants in rayon, go for it.  I give you my permission.  You won’t regret it.

Emerson Crop-3

The Emerson pattern is also a great pattern to give it a try with.  I will say that I am typically a size 4 in bottoms, with a 36” hip measurement.  However, I had to size up in this pattern.  The hips were just a little too tight in the size 4.  So, make sure to muslin if you are trying this pattern for the first time! (well, you should always muslin, but I won’t tell if you don’t!)

Emerson Crop-4

So, what do you think, stripes and florals? I did look it up on Pinterest (clearly, the only place to check fashion facts)  and most of the stripes and floral looks I found were striped tops and floral bottoms.  Does it matter? Do you combine patterns, or do you prefer to keep things simple?

Emerson Crop-6

Pattern: Emerson Crop Pants by True Bias
Fabric: Ombre Stripe in Frost by Workroom Social
Size: 6

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