Nani Iro Charlie Caftan

Please don’t tell me summer is almost over.  I secretly know, but am doing my best to deny it.  It’s partially working.  This weekend we took a little day trip to Charlottesville, stayed overnight at my InLaws, went swimming in the pool, celebrated my sister in law’s birthday, and I made my brother in law snap some pictures of my Charlie, as you do.Charlie Caftan-2

I love everything about this dress.  The fabric is a Nani Iro, cotton Sateen, from Imagine Gnats shop, and it is amazing.  I believe it’s sold out, but Rachael is always getting new amazing fabrics, so check the shop out if you haven’t before.  I was a little hesitant to use this fabric at first, because I wasn’t sure if it was going to be flowy (that’s a technical term) enough.  I finally decided that the pattern was to amazing, and the drape wouldn’t matter, but there was really no need to worry.  This fabric is amazingly soft, and I believe it’s a perfect fit for the caftan.Charlie Caftan-5

I made the Maxi version, and had to make a few slight modifications to the pattern.  Mostly because I only had 3 yards of fabric.  Luckily, I’m short.  I took 3″ off the length of the skirt, sight unseen.  I just held the pattern piece up to myself, and eyeballed it.  I also decided to shorten the bodice slightly after making a muslin.  I wanted the placket to hit me a little higher than it was, so I took out 1/2″ from the bodice, and I sewed the shoulders at a slightly larger seam allowance.  Overall, nothing major, but those few adjustments gave me just enough room to squeeze this beauty out of my 3 yards.  Now I’m wondering if I need to up my random, “how much should I buy when I don’t know what I’m making?” to 3.5 yards?  That seems like so much fabric, but best to avoid any tragedies in the future.Charlie Caftan-6

I will be honest and say that this is a little bit “fancy” for me.  I don’t usually look so glamorous.  Or, quite as much like Mrs. Roper.  However, I’m excited to finally have something awesome to wear wine tasting, out to dinner, or lying on my couch with a glass of Rosé.Nani Iro Maxi Charlie Caftan by jessamybmakes

I also just realized that I have my hands shoved into the pockets in every single picture.  Sorry folks, the pockets are amazingly deep and I like to hide my hands in them.  I am really in love with this dress.  I can’t wait to make another version! I am thinking of trying version A, because it is the most different view from this one.  I’ll be honest and say that it didn’t really excite me that much when the pattern was first released, but I’ve seen a lot of great versions since, and have changed my tune.Charlie Caftan-4

What do you think, do you like to make the same pattern multiple times? Will you be hanging on to those very last bits of summer? If so, come and have some Rosé with me!

Pattern: Closet Case Files Charlie Caftan
Fabric: Nani Iro Cotton Sateen from Imagine Gnats
Size: 4, with some height taken out

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