Mid Rise Gingers and an Old Romance

Guys, I finally made another pair of jeans. Seriously, I waited about 10 months to do it, but it’s fine. I remembered how to do most of the tricky jeans things. Like zippers and topstitching. Let’s just not talk about rivets though, ok?Closet Case Ginger Jeans by JessamyBMakes
I couldn’t tell you why I waited so long to see these up. Probably something about being busy and doing all the things.   Really what it comes down to is I’m good at thinking about, planning, and buying fabric for projects. It’s just in actually sewing them that I haven’t fine tuned my efficiency, yet.

I bought this light weight denim from Indie Sew last spring.  It is a great weight for spring/fall jeans.  Jeans aren’t really an option in VA in the summer, but if you live somewhere less muggy and stifling, maybe light weight jeans are a summer thing.  Not for me.
Closet Case Ginger Jeans by JessamyBMakesI decided to try out the Step Hem on this pair.  I’m not usually very on top of trends, but I’ve seen this around and thought, Why not? I can always cut and hem them later if I change my mind.

This is the mid Rise version of the pattern.  I fussed around with the fit of these jeans, and may have over done it a bit.  I did a full calf adjustment, but looking at the pictures, I think I may actually need a bow legged adjustment.  While I’ve never thought of my self as bowlegged, I definitely have something funny going on with my calves.  Sewing your own clothes really gets you thinking about your body shape in very specific ways.  Perhaps a little too specific.  I also sized down one from the last time I sewed these, and they are a little snug.  I think I’ll go back up in size, and slim down the legs in my next pair.
Closet Case Ginger Jeans by JessamyBMakes
I used copper top stitching thread and rivets out of a jeans kit from Closet Case Patterns, and man if those rivets didn’t try and break my spirit.  I think I broke 6 before I got one in.  I tried every trick I could find on the web, and I just couldn’t seem to get them in right.  These ones are mostly secure, but maybe slight “punched.”   Hopefully they hold up!

Old Romance by JessamyB
I’m also wearing my latest knitting project.  It only took me about a year and half to finish this sweater! Yay!  It’s Old Romance, by Joji.  I put some very basic info about it up on my Ravelry page  if you want to check it out.  I used Madelinetosh yarn that I’ve had stashed for a few years.  It felt really good to finish this sweater up just in time for fall.
I’m already starting on another finger weight sweater (why???) and am excited to plan another pair of pants to wear with it.  Do you plan out entire outfits when you start a project?
Old Romance by JessamyB

Pattern: Mid Rise Ginger Jeans by Closet Case Patterns
Fabric: Stretch Denim From Indie Sew (out of stock)
Size: 4 with some modifications.  I think I’ll go back up to the 6 and slim the leg out of the next pair.
Knitting Pattern: Old Romance by Joji Locatelli

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