Wiksten Oversized Kimono

Oh my gosh you guys, I have so many thoughts about this project.

Winston Oversized Kimono by JessamyB

My brain always goes a little something like this:

What did I make? Is it too big? Should I have saved this fabric for something else? Maybe the Archer was a better idea.  I kind of love it.  Is it too big? I shouldn’t have done the contrast collar.  The plaid is really bold, I should have used something different.  Is it too big?

I could go on forever. 


Let me tell you what I love, and we can build from there. 

Like many others in the sewing/making community, I was completely in love with this project from the minute the Making magazine showed up in my mailbox.  I have been getting this magazine since it debuted, and I love it.  It is so wonderfully made, and full of project inspiration.  I have made at least one project from each issue, and I love all the photography, so I think it’s worth the subscription.

Winston Oversized Kimono by JessamyB

I was totally taken with this style when I saw it in the magazine.  It is oversized, and comfy looking without being sloppy.  The proportions are just right, and lets not even start on those pockets! I knew I had to have one, and couldn’t get the idea of using a warm flannel for the lining.  I decided to use a Kaufman Mammoth flannel that I’ve had in my stash for over 2 years (!) as the lining. I originally bought it thinking it would be an Archer, but I got overly intimidated about lining up all those plaids, and have just been holding on to it.  

Now, it’s officially spring, but man is spring fickle! I finally made some time to make this jacket, and although the colors and fabric scream winter, I went ahead and sewed it up this last week of March.  So, even though it’s not really seasonally appropriate, I hope to get some wear out of it until it officially warms up.  I see cozy walks to school in the morning.

Winston Oversized Kimono by JessamybI love how soft and warm the flannel lining is, and can we talk about the chambray for just a second? Look at those awesome pops of color! The flannel is on the thicker side, which makes for a heavier and possibly more boxier jacket, so I wanted to use a light weight fabric for the exterior.


So, did I mention it’s oversized? Here’s the thing about me.  I’m a smallish person.  I’m 5’1” on my tall days, and while I’ve never considered myself petite, I probably am.  So, I cut the smallest size in the pattern, and then tried on the outer pieces.  I decided to cut 2” of length off the arms, and 2” of the length off the body.  However, even with those adjustments, I think it is just too big on me.  I get that it is oversized, and I don’t usually wear oversized garments, so I’m having a hard time deciding if I’m just not used to it, or if it is actually too big.  I think my bold lining fabric is also a bit much.

wiksten6All of this to say, this project didn’t turn out exactly as I had envisioned, and that’s ok.  I still enjoyed the process of making it, and will wear it.  I already have plans for another, with a few more adjustments.  I plan to take some width out of the back, and front panels, and will probably shorten the body another 1-2”.  I will also use a lighter weight fabric, I think the Brussels Washer linen would be perfect for a spring jacket!

wiksten7So, even though I haven’t quite made up my mind about how I truly feel about this jacket, I don’t regret making it.  Do you end up with projects you don’t love often? What do you do to redeem them in your eyes?

Pattern: Wiksten Oversized Kimono Jacket from Making Zine no 4. Lines
Size: XS, with 2″ taken off length of body and arms
Fabric: Kaufman Mammoth Flannel, and Chambray from Imagine Gnats

2 thoughts on “Wiksten Oversized Kimono

  1. The kimono is beautiful! And I completely understand your range of thought. Last night I finished a Maven Rochester top – a wearable toile with fabric I wasn’t wild about. The Rochester is different from anything I normally wear (buttondowns, more fitted styles). Trying a new style is more like the first jump off the high dive rather than wading into the kiddie pool. That plunge can be exhilarating … or not!


    1. Yes! I think trying a new style is always a little tricky. Especially for someone who tends to wear the same things all the time (which I tend to do!). Here’s to be more adventurous and boldly trying new things!


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