Sew Bibs // Sewing Community Inspiration

I hope you have been enjoying the #sewbibs challenge so far! I am really excited to be co-hosting the challenge with Teri, Meg and Heidi. We have all really been so thrilled with the response from the sewing community.

In case you missed any of the round ups last week, Meg has an overalls and dungarees pattern round up, Teri did a pinafore pattern round up, and Heidi put together a great ready to wear round up. If you want a list of all the challenges sponsors and details about discounts and prizes, check Teri’s intro post here.

Today I’m sharing a sewing community inspiration post. There are already so many great pairs of overalls, bibs, dungarees and pinafores out there.  I’m blown away by all the amazing sewists out there!

I often have a habit of doing obsessive pattern research before sewing something new.  I used to take to searching blogs, but have mainly switched to scrolling hashtags on Instagram.  I love the newish feature of being able to follow hashtags too.  That way if I’m interested in any patterns, I’ll have any new versions pop up in my feed.  (Don’t forget to follow along with the #sewbibs tag as well!)

I’ve done my best to group like patterns together to show you what everyone has been sewing. I’m sharing all these images with permission from the makers, and I’ve done my best to link back to everyone’s IG.  So, let’s get started!

First up I wanted to share some overalls that I consider relatively “traditional”, or at least what I first think of when I think overalls and bibs.

Clockwise from top left: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

These top two photos are both the Jenny Overalls pattern by Closet Case. Amira said that these overalls are the first garment she is really proud of, and I couldn’t agree more! Next is Jess from La Mercerie (who is one of our awesome sponsors for this challenge, and is offering a 15% discount on bottomweights with code SEWBIBS through April 12th) in a summer shorts version. The two bottom images are both the Ronja Dungarees pattern by Named, sewn by Ada Sprag and Nicole.

(Just a side note, all instagram profiles are linked under each photo, so please click on through to see all of their amazing makes, not just what is highlighted here!)

Clockwise from top left: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

The looks above are the Burnside Bibs pattern by Sew House 7, sewn by Leslie at Threadbear. Then the new Ophelia Overalls made by Andie of sewprettyinpink, Kendrick Overalls by Katie Kortman, and the Roberts Collection dungarees made by Sandra.

Have you considered patterned overalls? I know it’s not for everyone, but I am 100% in for this look! I’m currently working on a floral pair of Ronja Dungaress, which I am hoping to have ready to share with you really soon. In the mean time let’s look at these amazing pieces.

Clockwise from top right: 1 // 2 // 3

In florals, here is Sabrina from nuggetwithaneedle in a The Cleo from Tilly and the Buttons sewn in a floral Rifle Paper Co. fabric. Nadia of nadiaseostyles is also in a floral, but has made the Jenny Overalls. And how amazing are the Burnside Bibs killmewithcuteness made using a Cotton and Flax print? I love how she styled these, and the beautiful photos as well!

I’ve also seen some a lot of pinafores popping up. This wasn’t a style I had on my radar until this winter. I know that Helens Closet is re releasing the York Pinafore in her new expanded size range really soon, which is exciting!

Clockwise from top right: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

The top two pinafores are both hacked versions of the York Pinafore, Sylvia from The Ravel and Out hacked a different bib style, and Teri added a gathered skirt. Below them are three different pinafore patterns, all with similar bib styles. Sara from sewverysara is wearing the skirt version of the Kendrick Overalls. Noni of Isewyousee made the Amber Pinafore (and she has a great Pippa Pinafore on her feed as well!), and Tessa is in the perfect winter Dani Pinafore.

Lastly, I wanted to highlight some really fun bib hacks I’ve seen.  If you love the idea of bibs, but aren’t entirely sure you want to commit, there are some great removeable bibs out there.  Mia from Sew North posted a great tutorial about how she did this with the Jenny Overalls, and Michelle from SewJourners made a removable bib for her Kendrick Overalls.  

Clockwise from top right: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

If you already have a pants pattern that you know and love, considering using those as a base for your bibs.  Meg and Ashley both used the Lander pants as a base and hacked two different style bibs.

Oh, actually, one last thing. How can you not be inspired when a whole fabric shop sews up the same pattern? The crew from Stone Mountain Fabric (one of our amazing sponsors, offering 15% discount with code SEWBIBS15 until March 31) sewed up the new Ophelia Overalls by Decades of Style.


I hope this round up has inspired you as much as it has me. Of course this is just a small sampling of what this amazing sewing community has produced.  If there is a pattern you are interested in that I’ve left off, search the hashtag, and more importantly, post your pics so we can all be inspired by you as well!

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