Emerson Crop Pants; are stripes and florals really a thing?

This is my second pair of Emerson Crop pants.  I wear my first pair all the time, so I finally decided it was time for another pair.  I used a striped print from the Miramar Fabric collection by Workroom Social.  I picked this up at Stitch, my favorite sewing oasis.  The Ogden Cami is also… Continue reading Emerson Crop Pants; are stripes and florals really a thing?

Weekend Wrinkles: Cropped Linen Willow Tank

The best part of being short waisted? Cropping your new Willow Tank by 3″ and still being able to wear your favorite Emerson Crops with it. I am suddenly into all the cropped top looks I’ve been seeing around the inter webs lately.  However, being only 5’1” (on a tall day) with an extremely short… Continue reading Weekend Wrinkles: Cropped Linen Willow Tank

Mini Ogden Cami, a Belated Birthday Dress for my Girl

I was late with all the birthday gifts this year.  Seriously late!  It was however a big birthday year for my girl.  She turned 10! I honestly can not believe that we are now into the double digits.  She is excited about it, but I can’t stop watching old baby videos and poring over pictures… Continue reading Mini Ogden Cami, a Belated Birthday Dress for my Girl

Hudson Pants and a Hat

I’ve grown less timid around knits, but still hesitate a bit when it comes to sewing with them. I really need to work on getting over this since most of my ready to wear clothes are knits, especially tops.

These Hudson Pants are one of the first knit garments that I’ve sewn for myself. I have to say, I love these pants!  They are very similar to my favorite pair of sweat pants. And I love sweat pants. I really do my best to act like a grown up, and not leave the house in sweat pants.  However, sometimes I find myself at the grocery store at 9:30pm, in my sweat pants.  I know it’s happened to you too.


I have seen so many great pair of Hudson Pants, that I had to try the pattern myself.  I am about 5’1″, around 110 lbs, and have about at 37″ hip measurement.  This put me squarely in the size 4.  I sewed the pattern exactly as is, without any modifications.  I have fairly long legs for my relatively small height, so I think the length was fine.  I could have *maybe* shortened them by about an 1″, but I think the extra length is fine here.  It will keep my ankles nice and toasty in all this snow.  Not that I’ll be wearing these outside…


Maybe you noticed that it snowed? A lot? Yes, indeed it did!  These pictures were taken in my In Laws back yard, amidst a snowball fight.  Don’t you think that is the best way to take pictures for a sewing blog?


The hat was a quick fun knit from Very Shannon, called Landslide.  I used Quarry from Brooklyn Tweed that I bought on a whim the last time I was at Fibre Space, the most awesome local yarn shop.

Pattern: Hudson Pant by True Bias

Fabric: Stretch French Terry from Imagine Gnats (looks like my awesome red is sold out, but there is still some basic colors)

Hat Pattern: Landslide Hat

Yarn: Quarry by Brooklyn Tweed in Gypsum